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Our story

We started out as a Gypsy Jazz trio back in 2009. As the years have gone by, we have grown, not just artistically but the group has got bigger too. Under the umbrella of gypsy music our divers passions, ranging from reggae to classical music, from EDM to rock, from jazz to folk music have coloured the music we make. We recorded our first EP in 2013, it was a success, and was reissued in 2016.

Our three founding members Federico, Lorenzo and Vittorio met Oliver in 2013. He injected a rhythmic pulse into our ensemble, Yendry’s warm Caribbean voice was our next addition, Anais was the last to join, she is a young violinist full of enthusiasm and talent. Our debut LP, features four original songs. We took up an arduous yet exciting challenge: to record Gypsy Jazz music in a Pop music production mindset, in which special care is given to song arrangement and a clear, polished sound. We chose to record and mix at Punto Rec Studios in Turin under the artistic direction of Fabio Piotto because of his reputation for excelence.

The record bears the name of the band, Caravan. It will take you on a journey through time and space, to discover the taste of a Parisian evening in the 30s, as well as the countless musical cultures that have influenced this genre throughout its history. We’ll be waiting for you at our shows.

Federico. Lorenzo. Vittorio. Oliver. Yendry. Anais.

Who we are



Yendry has been Caravan Trio’s singer since 2015

Born in Santo Domingo she has a warm and romantic voice, it will enchant you!



Vittorio is the leader of our band, he takes care of communication and organisation.

Tireless he is present at almost all the group’s gigs



Anais is a very young and gifted violinist her tallent is out of the ordinary

She has brought a wave of freshness into the band



He is the real founding father of the Caravan Trio

In 2009 involved Chicco and Vittorio in this adventure



Chicco is our double bass player and founder of the group

Tireless and accurate he is the real heart of the group



Oliver has been with the band since 2013 and has become the cornerstone of our project

He has improved the rhythmic fabric of the group

What they say about us…

Watch us now…

….. with Yendry

… and with Anais

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Yendry Fiorentino

Yendry was born in the Dominican Republic in 1993 but grew up in Italy.

She took part in the sixth edition of XFactor Italia.

Influenced by jazz, soul, r’n’b she has an EP with her group Materianera.

Vittorio Ostorero

“Vittorio you don’t understand anything about music, people come before arrangements, harmony and technique”

With this phrase Lorenzo changed the perception that Vittorio had of music, he had always been passionate about the seven notes since he was 6 years old when he began to play the trumpet.

During his adolescence he changed instrument but his love for music is a flame that has never gone out.

Caravan Trio is a second family to him, where friendship, fun, study and passion have been transformed into a wonderful mission.

Anais Drago

“People often ask me if I like playing, if the violin is a passion, a hobby, or a job.

I really dont know. When I was three, I found this piece of wood in my hands and in these 20 years I have never put it down. I don’t know whether it was by habit, inertia, sense of duty, passion, ambition or even fear, and I still don’t have an answer to that question….

What I do know is that I think too much,  I calculate,  I plan, I am anxious and wild, and all of this often makes me feel bad, but when I play I feel good, really good.“

Lorenzo Panero

“Excuse me, do you have any records of that gypsy guitarist with only two fingers? I can’t remember his name …..”

Just the type of question that Lorenzo, still a teenager, would ask a salesman. This is typical of Lorenzo

Curiosity is a foundation of his existence, without which he would not have listened to hundreds of records, he would not have begun to play the guitar when he was 14, or study it more seriously when he was 20 nor involve the Caravan guys in his new passion (some could say obsession ) …. Jazz Manouche.

Father of the project, father in life and surely father of the next curiosities that will turn into passions and ideas

Chicco Tosi

Facinated by music and travel, Chicco discovered the music which became his passion thanks to Lorenzo, he thought: “it’s perfect!”

He is interested more in rhythm than in virtuosity and creates the groove of the group, which we can proudly say, “has become a collective.”

He enriches his music with the M ° Paolo Grappeggia.

Oliver Crini

Oliver Crini received a guitar for his sixteenth birthday when he was singing for the Fastclouds, a punk / rock group in Moncalieri (TO). Up to the age of 20 he explored all kinds of music and tried to apply it with his self-taught guitar skills. By chance, he then purchased a copy of Kind of Blue by Miles Davis. Right from his first listening, he was astounded: how could such strange instrumental music convey all those emotions? How did this kind of music work?
Today he is still searching for a reply and has embarked on a journey that has led him to the study of jazz and harmony guitar under the guidance of the masters Matteo Negrin, Pino Russo and Pietro Ballestrero; trying to create the sounds and notes that flow in his spirit through various musical journeys: from movie music to jazz manouche, going for the pop. Thanks to his music he has met special people and lived through important experiences. He hopes that this adventure never ends.

We were photographed by …


Simona Ostorero


Luigi de Palma


Cesar Soto

Note di mezza estate

Note di mezza estate

Our first piece of work was an EP, presented in June 2013 at the Jazz Club in Turin. Registered in 2012 it is a testimony to the first three years of our group work, committed to the discovery of the most romantic side of the music of the great Django Reinhardt

Peview of our first EP

by Caravan Trio | Note di mezza estate

A great success!

In 2016 the first EP reprint was released!

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